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Acme · Simple

Rise above the common herd
Elegant Lotto

The pressure of life, crowded traffic, noisy city,
whether you want to go fast for one of the freest breathing?
SEEV will create an equally powerful bike for your inner strength.

0 Time

A 1500 - cycle recharge times, the validation of the battery
will at least 5 years.

0 KM

Full charge, the max distance would reach
80 kilometers

0 Inch

9.5 -inch super wide straight grain tubeless tires,
ensure safety.

Located in the heart of the city centre, and inner desire to return to nature,
then find yourself.


A simple free
and casual attitude to life

Delicate simple

With the beauty
of simplicity, novelty design

Make · Simple

Simple for youe  simple made by me

The product itself is to make the return to the origin of the design; the structure is a simple and extraordinary, noble and elegant,
in a simple and novelty style show for the user. To advocate customer to none of the most essence, save the most liberal attitude to life.

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