1.Q:Citycoco looks really very nice, what kind of bike it belongs.
A:Citycoco belongs to new energy smart fashion electric skateboards, with export skateboard standard, both with skateboard game-playing, and walking function of electric bike , it belong to a new crossover product.
And with new second paragraph product soon hit the market, it will consist a new combination with the third and fouth paragraph product , more and more users will find theirs own "style".

2.Q:How long distance it can drive of citycoco?
A:In super power-saving mode it can drive mileages is 80 km, but in default mode, it can drive about 50km.

3.Q:How much is the top speed of citycoco.
A:Citycoco have a smart phone APP, it can adjust the speed to less than 20 km/H. If after upgraded the speed can be up to 35 km/h. 

4.Q:What is the size of citycoco ?Can enter the elevator?
A:1756 mm long, 750 mm wide, seat height 700 mm, because the simple design and smart body, it can go in the elevator and take back home easy.

5. Q: SEEV city electri skateboard CITYCOCO can carry people? Will it have extended edition?
A: Citycoco original edition has only 1 seat, but it can be DIY modified like added one back seat for passenger. Meanwhile, in the front pedal, you can also add a seat or loading basket, travel shopping is very convenient. extended edition, refers to the adding back seat on original single seat.

6. Q: SEEV electric skateboard CITYCOCO, the battery can be removed? Can be increased endurance? Where is the charging port?
A: Battery is movable. But citycoco body is small relatively, so that it can be driven into elevator, so it is not suggested to move and charge the battery only.

Charging port is on the connection place of rear axle and the frame elbow. Unplug waterproof rubber plug and connect to the battery charger to recharge.

Later stage customers can DIY to plug-in lithium battery to increase endurance.

7. Q: What is the energy for SEEV citycoco?
A: in line with the national policy, we use future-valued & environmentally friendly Chaowei lithium battery, , 60V / 12Ah, ultra-thin, only 4.4CM thick; ultra-light, just 4.7KG. Imported electric core, longer life, higher energy storage; deployment of intelligent battery management system to prevent overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, so it has strong stabilit and high security.

8. Q: How long to charge for SEEV CITYCOCO? External power supply is 220V for general lighting electricity?
A: Using standard 2A charger, full charge tim 6 hours can achieve the best charging results, constant current charging mode is recommended; if 4A charger, full charge time is 3 hours, except special condition like emergency,

it is recommended not to use this charging mode.

9. Q:What is the power for SEEV CITYCOCO? How gradeability?
A: using the specially developed widen motor, dilated motor shaft, precision bearings, bold coil and high-quality silicon steel coil, continuous power can provide up to 95N.M of torque, coupled with light vehicle weight, can climb up to 18 degrees above, beyond the general feeling climbing ability of electric vehicles. Motors currently are manufactured by Kim star.

Of course, in the slide, you can also turn off the power and take advantage of feet powing or energy conversion of gravitational transformation.

10.Q:Turtle tire will be considered for this vihicle?
A:It is recommended not to use Turtle tires. Turtle tires, namely deep tooth, stripes or cross pattern tires, mainly tend to be used on off-road. straight pattern tires is good for runing on high way and hardened road, stripes tire is good for muddy mountain road, straight pattern tire is better in avoidance of water. SEEV citycoco is an electric city skateboard, mainly used in urban scenes, good road conditions. Useing a vacuum ruled 18x9.5-inch tires have several advantages. First,wide and flat tire strong grips with the road surface; second, fitted with intermediate smooth and sides angled designing tire, it can turn very flexibly; and becuase of the usage of synthetic rubber material, you do not need to worry about puncture.

11.Q:How about side stand for Citycoco?
A:Citycoco own big tire, and in the middle of the tire is flat. On the smooth road u can pack it easily, no need use side stand. For special road condition (like the slope road) we design the side stand. It is under the frame left side and it is close to rear wheel. For keeping good out looking ,it is meticulous and hide-type.

12.Q:How about front and rear shock absorber for Citycoco, how long of the min clearance for citycoco?
A:As to simple style, Citycoco do not assemble front and rear shock, but it is own special tire with thickness 110mm (From: tire edge to the hub ), and directly pattern on the tire. This special tire can replace the front and rear shock function. Like the city road condition, without shock absorber also has a comfortable.

The min clearance is 85mm usually deceleration zone is 50mm, it can pass deceleration zone easily.

13.Q:Is it assemble GPS for Citycoco? 
A:Citycoco own DIY modify function, also include GPS navigation system

14.Q:Citycoco can assemble GPS alarm system, how to keep security?
A:Citycoco has a super modify function, so it can assemble GPS alarm system.

At present the keep security way has two methods: 1.Traditional way is mechanical with a lock for break disc, use one lock with other items surrounding the bike. 2.Electronic type lock can use smart App to adjust power saving function, the speed is very slowly, just by walk also can catch up with it. By this function key also can not drive.

15.Q:How about original idea for citycoco? is there any replacement on the market?
A:You cannot find completely same leaf, no need to say product. Citycoco advocate “easy style” original from North Europe. Within 5years develop and design we own many patents include the whole electrical bike and spare parts. Especially the function of smart APP to control the bike completely different from traditional electrical bike, use this function can take u different control fun, test fun, and enjoy fun.

Our citycoco sincerely committed R&D short distance traffic tool in the city. We hope citycoco can take the yang people brave heart who make effort in the city! Citycoco is one electrical bike u can afford, can take u convenient! We strike for city traffic only hope it can become one nice sight view in city.

We sincerely welcome u test our citycoco personally, u can fell different test, No investigation no load speaking. We sincerely wish citycoco can take u more free and leisurely tour.

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