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Make. Simple

Simple for you simple made by me

The design back to original, using 3D design technology,structure
simple and extraordinary, noble and not glamorous make travel
returning to the simple and pure.


The max torque is 95N.M, the max
climbing is 18°

0 mm

Long wheelbase, what is balance the
driving and comfortable driving

0 mm

700mm seat height, let the body in a natural posture, relaxed riding.

Integrated chassis

Elaboration making, stronger

One-piece frame structure, 38 mm diameter, wall thickness of 2 mm, select auto special cold drawn pipe materials, rigid strong; Fine craft, make whole body is more stable and firm.

Three-dimensional automatic CNC bending + intelligent robot welding

Precision process ensure quality

controlled by the three dimensional automatic CNC pipe bending system, guarantee the high reliability, and use the robot welding machine automatic control operation, to improve and stabilize the product quality, the yield of products guaranteed




Large tires more safety

18 x9. 5 inches wide and straight grain tubeless
tire, grip strength, start quickly brake is more
effective. Vacuum synthetic rubber material,
then never puncture of smooth, middle into R
chamfer on both sides, both natural and
unrestrained stop, and turn flexibly.


Electronic brake system+ hydraulic disc brake
system make brake more sensitive,
enhance the braking effect completely.



Lithium battery

Small battery  make huge effect

Lithium battery provide long battery duration and security stability.
The battery can be used at least 5 years by charging 1500 times.
Super long life span provides security for the entire power system.
Super thin battery brings continuously power. Maximum mileage could reach 80Km.







Super intelligent charge mode

Real-time monitoring   and all around management

BMS(battery management system)is the heart of Lithium System.As
the smart brain of all cell, BMS not only undertake accurate
calculation of electricity,charge and discharge, but also provide
protection to current voltage, temperature and abnormal connection security.




Strong power  High effect

This scooter adopts professional motor, largely enhances its performance,
reduces driving current and prolongs continue voyage course.

As the maximum torque is 95N.M and maximum climbing angle is 18°,
CITYCOCO will become your first surfboard in your city.

Double waterproof  Steady ensurance

The battery is using waterproof material and battery box with sealing
gasket, double waterproof, ensure that the battery is more durable.

Original professional adjusting mode

Gentle starting   easy learning  more safety

The best adjusting controller ensure the starting
without jumping and accelerating without cadence.
Soft way of control make sure safe driving.The handle is made by professional rubber material of mold injection design,
the grip makes users feel more comfortable.

Careful design    natural riding

According to ergonomic design, we adjust the seat to 700mm. This height could let
your body be naturally in the upright posture and your foot easily touch the ground.
The advanced anti-skid leather, high elastic foam and new plastic base plate ensure
comfort in long distance riding.

Long wheelbase    Easy controlling

1296mm long wheelbase is a perfect balance that we found between
handling difficulty and riding comfort, provide wide space to double
driving, comfort and safety.

Big pedal    concentrating on user experience

With the length of 700mm, this bigger pedal makes users have more room to
DIY, adding basket and meeting other practical needs. Matte fabric material on
the pedal surface bring users more comfortable experience.

Ergonomic design   Enjoying best riding feeling


Holding your hand   enjoying your life

No matter commuting to work, shopping, enjoying night scene or attending
parties, CITYCOCO will bring you a feeling, out of your expectation.

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