About us

Chongqing Seev
Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, having 20 years experience in transportation tool industry. With 450,000 square meter industrial park, thousands of upstream and downstream resource,
intelligent machines manufacturing excellences, Seev combines with the latest design concepts of Northern Europe to set up a fresh
and new design-driven company in the industry.

Seev Technology,yearning for freedom,regards “sample” as beauty. With devoting to “simple”, manufacturing “simple”, sincere “simple” and brilliant “simple” core design concepts,Seev aims at continuous providing high-end customers around the world with stylish, distinctive and outstanding experience,
high performance, environmentally friendly goods.

The Seev Technology is young, but has a wealth of technology accumulation. To solve the increasingly serious traffic congestion and pollution of traditional energy, Seev dedicates to the development
and deployment of short range transportation tools with fashion convenience, material simplicity, and clean energy feature. The longest journey starts with a single step.
This young team is to challenge tradition and fight for the dream.
Seev Technology will always create hope and moving on the ideal way.

Join seev to be the pioneer of fashion life

Seize the initiative, into fashion energy dream!

It is a great potential market.
It is a 100% profitable project.
It is one opportunity to realize your dreams of fashion running by clean energy.
It is an innovative new products design for the people who are pursuit for fashion, environmental protection and freedom. Personalize and environmental protection travel is fashion Guide you to find the feeling of first love, and direction of freedom. Take you back to innocence to find fashion vehicle, just love it simply. Seev technology is searching partner on abroad, please send message to official e-mail sf@seev.com.cn to inquiry about details.

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